Tarot in the Most Interesting Places!

The World’s Greatest Bartender, Paris-based Jennifer Le Nechet (as determined at the annual World Class competition), reveals some of her favorite drinking spots in Paris, in This Article.

One of which is: Baton Rouge, 62 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, Paris


“The decoration is magnificent at this New Orleans-inspired spot,” says Le Nechet. “Voodoo, sorcery, the menu printed on Tarot Cards

This cocktail bar really stands out because of this cool, unique décor.”

As they say in Louisiana (but, ahem, not in Paris), laissez les bons temps rouler.

Planning a trip to Hong Kong? Zoe Li, CNN, reveals her Top 10 Things for Visitors to Do in Hong Kong. Number 2 is a visit to Temple Street Market – Zoe says:

“This is the place to go fulfill all your exotic fantasies of Hong Kong. Everything here looks old, filthy and somewhat threatening — in other words, perfect. A spread of laneways is filled with all manners of trinkets, the more useless they are the more we seem to desire them.

In another section of the market, a community of fortune tellers and Tarot Card Readers gather. Most are swindlers; a handful are the real thing. A public toilet in a Temple Street market corner is known for gathering drug users. Around another bend, vendors are selling cartloads of cheap sex toys.

Street food — hot, fresh, of questionable hygiene and totally irresistible — beckons. Neighboring the eateries are old-school karaoke parlors where $13 (HK$100) gets you access to center stage, a live band and an audience of geriatric regulars who have been attending nightly for decades.”

Getting there: Take the MTR to Jordan and take exit A. Turn right onto Jordan Road and walk three blocks to Temple Street. The market is open from around 4 p.m. till midnight.

Where have You spotted Tarot around the World? Favorite Tarot Spots, Tarot-inspired locals, art, etc…. Let us know!



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