Royal Mail! …A King’s Journey Tarot (bordered addition)

A King's Journey Tarot

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I just received my review copy of A King’s Journey Tarot (bordered addition) from James Battersby! WOW! It’s not everyday I get “Royal Mail” from Ireland! Many THANKS James!

He included a card meaning pamphlet, book mark, key chain, a beautiful gossamer deck bag, post card, and a signed business card! WOW!

I love the feel and size of the deck! The cards slide easily, across each other. The card stock is neither super thick, nor is it flimsy, like on many mass-produced decks coming out of some publishers these days!

I especially like that, not only have they added borders, but they are “color-coded” for each suit! Give me some time to play with these beauties and then a full review will be forth coming….

Thanks again James!



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