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Debra Dassance had a good question the other day, I thought I’d share:

Hi Dax! Numerology question…I’m working on the exercise following Module 48 and the Birthday Number is a “challenging” number to the Life Path number…so, what’s the best way to interpret this? Thank you!

Yes, this is where the real “Art” of Numerology comes in! Looking for “challenging” Numbers, within someones chart, and also between one person’s Chart and another’s…………

The Birthday Number doesn’t have the same “weight” as the Life Path, which is arguably the most important Number in the Chart…..

Differences in the Energies, especially Numbers that usually conflict with each other, need to be explained to the client……………

The Life Path is “generally” who the person is, similar to The Sun Sign, in Astrology …..but just as with Astrology, you need to see the whole Chart … can’t “fit” the whole population of the World into 12 Sun Signs or 9 Numbers…………..

So differences come from the other Numbers…..

When two Numbers are “challenges” to each other, this is where it can seem someone is “bipolar”, because at times, they are in alignment with one, and other times with the other….

….by explaining these – what Energies are there, and how they can conflict (to the Client) you are fore-arming them with valuable information…………

It’s the same when there are conflicts between the Numbers in two different people’s Charts…….
By knowing the “tendencies”, “strengths” and potential conflicts, they are equipped to deal with them………

Now the Personal Year and Universal/World Year Numbers are somewhat different …..We are ALL under the influence of the World Year Number, while the Personal Year Number affects us individually.

The “trick” with Personal vs Universal Year Numbers is to see how they might “compliment” each other, rather than be a conflict…..

How can one take the Energy and “opportunities” of the World Year and use that to their advantage, while working their Personal Year path…………….?

Okay – good! Thank you! This is really an AWESOME class! I love the way you have integrated Tarot into the Numerology teachings! I don’t use traditional Tarot but I use all of Doreen Virtue’s Angel tarot decks, but your explanations are very helpful!!!  TTYS! 🙂

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