My Birth Date Reduces to an 11, Do I Stop There? …Numerology Question

Terrific Question from one of our new students, Smrieti Sethu:

Hi My DOB is 30.6.1973.
So my Life path no. is 3+6+20 which is 11. So I keep it at 11..( master no.) Just wanted to confirm

…From Dax:

Hi Smrieti~! ….Good question ….So you were born June 30th, 1973? ….Almost your birthday then – Happy B-Day in advance!

Yes, 3+6+20 is correct ….you can also just add ALL the numbers straight across = 6+3+0+1+9+7+3 …some Numerologists also “stack” the number s and add “down”, then across as well:


….When you reduce and get a Master Number ( 11, 22, 33, 44 ), yes you want to pause, as this indicates you have a Master Number Life Path!

However, continue to reduce, always, until you get a single digit ….I’ll explain in a second ….So you’d take 1 + 1 = 2

So then, when you have a Master Number Life Path, you write it out like this: 11/2 …..Your Life Path is an 11/2……….

This is because, if a Master Number Life Path is not working the Master Number “Energy” to it’s fullest (following this path), then they revert to the reduced Number, in your case “2”……

Folks with a Life Path like this almost always show traits from both Numbers. If you are not working the Master Number 11 Life path, you will be more in alignment with the 2 Life Path….

11 is The “Master Illuminator Life Path”! ….As you are taking his course, it seems you are embracing this Life Path, even if you didn’t already know it! …You are here to share and teach the Higher Concepts, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Divination, etc. to the rest of us…

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