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Our Tarot by The Numbers™ course is taught by the Hosts of  Tarot Insider, Tarot Guild Founder & President Dax Carlisle, and Susanne Warnett, Vice President for Industry Relations…

The course employs Numerology as a framework, and offers a strong foundation in both Tarot and Numerology.

Dax has been teaching Tarot this way, since 2004!

This Course prepares you for certification at the CTR level – See: TarotGuild.org/Certification ….This is optional, of course. You also have the option to be certified as a Numerologist as well…!!

See Course Outline: Tarot by The Numbers™

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Both options include a Membership to The Tarot Guild. In addition to the Course, Members have access to our archive of many dozens of Classes, dating back all the way to 2010, plus new classes and workshops all year long, Live student teleconferences, private members-only interviews and other learning opportunities…

What Students and Graduates are Saying:

Dax has a clear, encouraging and motivating way of presenting all the material in his classes. He is very knowledgeable about the topic he is teaching. I love the way he breaks the information down into meaningful segments. He is great at identifying where you might be struggling and will provide examples and guidance to help you through any stumbling points you may experience in your journey.
~ Carolann Loucks

I have been working with Numerology for over 28 years but was never certified as a Numerologist, I signed up for the Angelic Numerology course with Dax just to get certified. Although I know that not all Numerologist are alike, I really didn’t expect to such a unique perspective on the numbers during this course. Dax has a way to go beyond the simple basic meanings of the numbers and take you to a much greater understanding of them. Dax’s teaching is like throwing out a boomerang of understanding, he will take the information way out to a place where you might start scratching your head but then he brings it back to you in a way that you can understand how it reads in a chart. The Angelic Numerology Course with Dax is easy to fit into your life. With the bite size lesson modules you can easily fit one or more of them into your day. With the recordings and PDFs you have the complete package to start doing readings for yourself and friend by the end of the course. Thanks Dax for make the certification process easy.
~ Certified Numerologist Eleanor Gona, PA

The courses are incredibly informative and have provided me with a solid foundation which I build upon each day not only with clients, but in my own personal development. The pace was ideal for me and was the right balance between knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration. A great resource for both the beginner and the professional. Highly recommended!
~ Duane Grove

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