The Key to Keywords – by Tarot GrandMaster Christiana Gaudet!

Virtually anyone who has ever taken up a metaphysical study has had to learn keywords. There are keywords to help us understand the Four Elements, the signs, houses and planets in astrology, and each of the seventy-eight tarot cards.

In programming, keywords are names that have special meaning within a program.

In Search Engine Optimization, keywords are the handles we put on pieces of information so we can find them.

I think SEO keywords and metaphysical keywords are very similar. In each case, the keyword helps us find information.

This is important to consider in the study of something like astrology and tarot. Very often, people mistake the keyword for an interpretation.
If we never go deeper than a keyword, our readings will remain very shallow. Keywords are handles, and jumping-off points; not the final destination.

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