Favorites? What Cards Do You Check in a New Deck??

….from Dax Carlisle

We all do it — we’re looking at new decks, either in person, or online, and there are always certain cards that we take a look at first….

For me ….It’s The Magician, The Temperance Card, and The Lovers. What are YOURS!??? ….or just plain Favorites? …Why??

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The Lovers, Temperance and The Magician have been following me around,  since my first deck. The Magician has always been My Card. It bared a striking resemblance to myself, at the age I first looked at Tarot.

Looking through my first deck, a Waite/Smith, this card stood out to me …as well as Temperance and The Lovers Card. Little did I know that I would discover later that The Lovers card corresponds to Gemini, my Sun Sign!

…And that I would develop The Temprian Principal / Temprian Path, via The Temperance Card, years later.

I still, to this day, first look at these cards in any new decks I come across.





Dax is the Founder & President of The Tarot Guild (14 years), and a Co-Founder of The International Association of Angel Practitioners (The I.A.A.P.)! He is the Host of "Tarot Insider" radio, and in his 9th year of broadcasting! ...Find out more about Dax at: www.TarotGuild.org/Dax

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