Tarot & Numerology of The Day… April 20th, 2017

0+4+2+0+2+0+1+7 = 16 = 1+6 = 7

7 – The Seeker

7 is the highest spiritual Number in Numerology. It’s the Number also of the detective, the Seeker ….7 Life Paths for instance are natural-born detectives, and they Seek the answers to the BIG Questions – Why am I here? How do The Universe work? The Law of Attraction, etc…

Mystery is in the air, on a 7 day! This is a great day to mediate, go out into nature and “re-connect”. It’s a great day to start studying something you have always wanted to learn about as well…! You may find yourself seeking out like-minded people, taking a workshop, or starting a research project.

You may seek time alone, and live in your head a bit — don’t forget to emerge and join the rest of, at some point today….

The Tarot Card of The Day: The Ace of Coins

Today is a day to nurture the seeds for what you want to have in the future. This may mean literally working in and cultivating your garden.

It can also mean learning a new skill or craft, starting to save money, arranging your living space in a new way, or doing something else, that takes you towards a future goal, particularly related to security and abundance….





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