Class Number 3! ….This Thursday!

It’s not too late!!

….You can still Join The Guild and join us LIVE for our “Tarot by The Numbers” Course!

Our Third Class of the *New LIVE run-thru of the Tarot by The Numbers Course will be held Thursday, June 8th!

Members of The Tarot Guild can attend this Course FREE! …Also, all the Class Video Modules will be recorded, and made available to all Members, on the Member Resources Page.

The Course will be LIVE, on Cam, via Zoom!

This Module will cover the Court Cards, Reversals and Combinations…

This course features Susanne Warnett and Dax Carlisle (See bottom of the Page:). You will be Reading Tarot Cards from the first few Modules! The rest of the course uses Numerology as a Frame-Work, in which you will learn the whole Deck, as well as all the Numbers in Numerology……

Course Outline

By the end of the Course, you will not only have a strong foundation in Tarot, but also in Numerology. You will be able to Read for Clients, as well as produce their Full Numerology Chart, and a Report….

Membership in The Guild is Only $9.97/month – the cost of a couple lattes!

There’s also an Annual Membership Option, for Just $78  ($6.50/month), for the whole year! You save 35% ($41) OFF the Monthly Membership, and you get a FREE, LIVE Reading with Susanne and I…!

Susanne Warnett is a Certified Tarot Master and Teacher, with over two decades experience, and the Host of our Tarot Insider Show! Susanne is Vice President of The Tarot Guild, for Industry Relations…

Dax Carlisle is President of The Tarot Guild (12 years) and Co-Host of our Tarot Insider Show, along with Susanne. He is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach….



Dax is now in his 8th year of broadcasting, and a Host of our "Tarot Insider" shows. Dax has helped literally 1000's of Clients as a Tarot Advisor, Numerologist and Life Coach. He is the Founder & President of The Tarot Guild (12 years), and a Co-Founder of The International Association of Angel Practitioners (The I.A.A.P.). He is a Certified Life Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist, and creator of our "Tarot by The Numbers™ Course" - Dax is a confessed Java Junkie and Karaoke singer, who makes his home in Tucson, AZ... ***

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