Ciro Marchetti Comments on The State of Tarot Decks Today….

Great Post from Ciro, on Facebook today:

Things in the tarot world have changed so much in the last few years. I’m somewhat dismayed by how quickly people seem to be able to produce tarot and Lenormand decks nowadays.

Especially those that are photoshop clean ups of licensed vintage decks which is a few days work or photomontages of google searches, there seem to be hundreds of decks produced on a regular basis.

I guess this must be good from a consumers point of view with such a selection to choose from. But I feel that by comparison….

Read the whole Post here: Tarot Art Today

I commented:

OH! Princess Leia! …..Just kidding 😉 ……As a serous Tarot professional, I honestly do not see the proliferation of Tarot Decks as positive. It may be for “deck collectors” and amateur enthusiasts, I suppose – but not for me, and others who take it seriously – we are looking for high-quality “tools”. Ciro, trust me, most of us can tell quality from the “junk” they’re passing off as “art” (ahem).



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