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Waite/Smith Tarot Deck ….Radiant version??

This from Barbie Stoll, posted on the Private Members-Only Tarot Guild Group – I re-posted to the open Tarot Guild group, on Facebook: Waite/Smith Tarot Deck ….Radiant version?? Join the conversation, give us your comments here: Comment – Origin Facebook Post

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The Handmade Art of Tarot Cards – Video:

VIDEO Below: In a dusty, crowded shop in Milan, Italy, artist Osvaldo Menegazzi toils, as he has for decades, designing intricate decks of tarot cards. Every card a handmade work of art, Mengazzi draws and paints each one, starting with

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Tarot is Trending!

….from Dax Carlisle Christian Dior wanted to incorporate the Motherpeace Tarot into his fashionline, which creators Vicki Noble, and Karen Vogel agree to. That was 6 months ago, and sales of the 40-year-old Motherpeace Tarot have skyrocketed 263% over last

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Are Tarot Decks Getting Larger and Larger?

Check out this Post, from Susanne Warnett, and comment! >>>

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Coffee Tarot Kickstarter Surpasses Goal in Less Than 24 Hours!

It was less than 24 hours, after the Kickstarter was Launched, for the FABulous Coffee Tarot, from husband an wide team Ron & Janet Boyer, and they have ALREADY surpassed their Goal! This is a wonderful start to something I

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Deck Review: The Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland

The Star Tarot is an exciting new deck that revitalises the major and minor arcana and brings a whole new dimension to readings, so I am thrilled to mention Dax Carlisle and I will be chatting to Cathy McClelland on

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Ciro Marchetti Comments on The State of Tarot Decks Today….

Great Post from Ciro, on Facebook today: Things in the tarot world have changed so much in the last few years. I’m somewhat dismayed by how quickly people seem to be able to produce tarot and Lenormand decks nowadays. Especially

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Linda Marson Interviews Mary K. Greer on Using Lenormand Cards.

Linda Marson: Internationally renowned Tarot author and teacher, Mary K. Greer, whose interest in the deck has led her down the path of teaching Lenormand, is a firm believer in the value of the traditional method. She’ll be teaching classes in Lenormand and

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“Naked Tarot” …Catching Up with Janet Boyer!

Naked Tarot? Yup! …The latest, soon to be released, book from Author & Tarot Master, Janet Boyer! Join us for the Fun! …We will be catching up with Janet, discussing Naked Tarot, and chatting about Tarot and her other

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Prophecy of the Raven Tarot short review

The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot Positives: The deck has fresh takes and new imagery. The imagery maintains a consistency throughout each suit, as well as across suits. The artwork is very well done, as well as creative. The accompanying book is

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