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Stuck in a Rut? …Tarotscape for May 7th, 2017

It may be that you feel Stuck in a Rut right now. It’s time to take a step back from the situation and re-evaluate. …You need to reassert your Power at this point. Re-establish order. Two of these cards are

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Book Trailer (VIDEO) “The Fortune Teller”, by Gwendolyn Womack!

Gwendolyn Womack’s novel: The Fortune Teller is scheduled to be released on June 6th! ….We will be interviewing Gwendolyn on Tarot Insider soon!

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10 Questions For Tarotist Gwendolyn Womack, from Janet Boyer!

1. What’s your favorite breakfast food? Does coffee count? :o) My favorite thing for breakfast would be a simple breakfast taco – scrambled egg and salsa on a corn tortilla. I’m from Texas, land of yummy breakfast tacos. 2. Book

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The Key to Keywords – by Tarot GrandMaster Christiana Gaudet!

Virtually anyone who has ever taken up a metaphysical study has had to learn keywords. There are keywords to help us understand the Four Elements, the signs, houses and planets in astrology, and each of the seventy-eight tarot cards. In

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Linda Marson Interviews Mary K. Greer on Using Lenormand Cards.

Linda Marson: Internationally renowned Tarot author and teacher, Mary K. Greer, whose interest in the deck has led her down the path of teaching Lenormand, is a firm believer in the value of the traditional method. She’ll be teaching classes in Lenormand and

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Tarot Insider Show: “Naked Tarot” …Catching Up with Janet Boyer!

Naked Tarot? Yup! …The latest, soon to be released, book from Author & Tarot Master, Janet Boyer! Join us for the Fun! …We will be catching up with Janet, discussing Naked Tarot, and chatting about Tarot and her other

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I’m a Tarot Reader – Why Do Clients Keep Giving Me Their Birth Date!?

I had a good question from one of our Members recently. This is something that comes up all the time – She asked: Hi Dax! I have a question for you. I am always confused when a client gives me

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Premier Episode of “Tarot Insider”!

Join us for the Premier Episode of our brand *New Show: “Tarot Insider”! Now, in our 8th Year of Broadcasting, we return with a new show, dedicated to Tarot! Each week, Hosts Susanne Warnett, Ruth Ablan, and Dax Carlisle bring

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Tarot & Numerology of The Day… April 20th, 2017

0+4+2+0+2+0+1+7 = 16 = 1+6 = 7 7 – The Seeker 7 is the highest spiritual Number in Numerology. It’s the Number also of the detective, the Seeker ….7 Life Paths for instance are natural-born detectives, and they Seek the answers

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Certification Returns in 2017!

Returning in 2017! Starting in 2017, The Tarot Guild will once again offer Certifications for Tarot Professionals! Certification is not for everyone, but a majority of our Members want us to offer this. You certainly don’t have to be certified

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