Start Off 2017 Right, As A Certified Life Coach…

LifeCoachCertificateWe’re already roaring through 2017!

How are you going to expand / build your business this year?

How About taking our Life Coaching Certification Course!

That’s right, in just a short amount of time you can study and get certified as a Life Coach, adding these valuable skills to your current practice or starting a whole new stream of income, as a separate business!

Hundreds of our Guild Members have taken this course, consisting of 30 Video Modules. It’s the perfect compliment to a practice as a Professional Tarot Reader.

The reviews from our Members on this course are raving! And the best part is, not only is it a great course, but the price can’t be beat! Other similar certification courses charge 10 TIMES this cost of this course, or MORE!

Perhaps you have even thought about taking a Life Coaching course, but the cost is way too high.  Well this is the same course available at for $675, but here at The Guild, you won’t even pay close to that amount!


We also have many other fine Certification Courses here at The Guild, for which we have secured special pricing! Check them out here: GUILD CERTIFICATION COURSES



Dax is the CEO & Founder of LifeScape Radio ....broadcasting 7 Shows, Monday thru Friday, on the internet, LifeScape is a Featured Network on Our goal is to both entertain and inform our listeners – to empower them to create lasting change and abundance in all areas of their Life… Dax is also a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Life Coach, Numerologist and Tarot Master. He is the Co-Founder & President of The Tarot Guild, the international organization for Tarot Professionals.

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