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The Guild was founded in 2004, to provide education, resources, networking, professional services and community to metaphysical practitioners everywhere…

Whether you are a student just starting out, or a practitioner who’s been working in the field of Tarot, Psychic Services, Astrology, Numerology, Angel Readings, Energy Healing, or Alternative Health for decades, the Guild is here to help you build and grow your business!

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A lot has changed since we formed The Tarot Guild in 2004. Membership in The Guild is now included with Membership in The International Association of Angel Practitioners:

After operating the Tarot Guild for 12 years, and working with thousands of Tarot Readers, in late 2014/early 2015, we started to notice a trend…

Our Radio Show, Angels Monday …on LifeScape Radio, was the most popular show we had on the network — which included all manner of metaphysical shows: Tarot, Angels, Crystals, Numerology, et all…

We also noticed that our Tarot Readers, who also worked with The Angels, offering Angel Card Readings, Angel Sessions, or added Angel Cards or Messages from the Angels, to their Tarot Readings, were a lot more successful….

We realised Folks Love Angels, and prefer Angel Readings! We decided to move in a new direction and Niche our Tarot Practices in the Angel Area…

We spun off Angels Monday, from LifeScape Radio, on to it’s own channel and changed the name to Angelic Realms Radio

We knew we were on the right track, because almost immediately all the other Hosts & Shows went on hiatus, canceled their shows, or moved to another venue. We folded LifeScape Radio in February of last year (2015). It was a sure sign this is what Spirit/ The Angels wanted us to do!…

We kept The Tarot Guild operating, but have concentrated all our efforts into The I.A.A.P., Angelic Realms Radio, and …and now offer Membership in The Tarot Guild through The I.A.A.P.

We want to invite you to Join the International Association of Angel Practitioners. You will also receive FREE Membership in The Tarot Guild as well! Find out More and JOIN TODAY here:

One of the Co-Hosts of the show, Maria G Maas, was about to come out with her first Course: The Certified Angel Practitioner™ Course (CAP™). We realised we needed a separate website for the course, and then also came up with the idea for an Int’l Association for Angel Practitioners, as one did not exist…

…Plus, we wanted to offer support after our students graduated from the new Course!

We launched the CAP™ Course and it took off like wildfire! …before we knew it, we had well over 100 members of The I.A.A.P.

Since then, we have added 4 more weekly broadcasts to the Angelic Realms Radio networkand we have also launched Two more Certification Courses: Janice Fuchs’ Angelic Mediumship™ Course and my Angelic Numerology & Tarot™ Course, an Angelic Law of Attraction™ Course, and we are about to add several Workshops to the mix….

Most of us use Tarot in our sessions with clients; we have simply added the Angel Element. In fact, one of the reasons Maria came out with her course, was that she saw a dramatic boost to her own Tarot Readings, and decided she needed to teach a course on this…..

There were other Angel-related courses, from folks like Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, but there still was no comprehensive practitioner course, nor an organization for them – so we filled the void….

We now have students and practitioners in dozens of countries around the world! It’s been highly successful….

The CAP™ Course is a comprehensive practitioner course, online and self-paced, that lays the foundation for the practice….

Janice Fuchs’ Angelic Mediumship™ Course then further build on this foundation, with psychic development and mediumship skills….

My Angelic Numerology & Tarot™ Course further builds on that and rounds out the practitioner’s education. My course include Sacred Geometry, Angel Numbers, Numerology, my entire Tarot by The Numbers course, and much more ….you also get two Certifications: Certified Numerologist and Certified Tarot Reader (CTR)!

When a student completes all three courses, they receive the Master Angel Practitioner™ Certification — so they end up receiving Five Certification in all~!

We currently have a New Years Sale going, that is a Package Deal, with All 3 Certification Courses. The courses are normally $297 each, so all 4 are normally $891 …but you can Enroll in all 3, with 5 certifications, for Just $444 …OR Just 5 Payments of $97!

You can Find Out More about our Courses and the Package Deal at:

Let me know if you have questions….
Angel Blessings…

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P.S. — I forgot to mention that the PayPal Credit option is available to U.S. Residents and now in a few other countries. If for some reason that option doesn’t work for you, we do have installment plans available on the Sale Page….

Dr Dax Carlisle, DD, CCH, CTM
~Co-Founder – The I.A.A.P. and
~Founder/President – The Tarot Guild
~Host of Angelic Realms Radio