Big Things Coming! “Tarot Insider”…

Heads Up! ..As of Thursday March 2nd, the Thursday Angelic Realms Radio show, with Hosts Susanne Warnett, Ruth Ablan and Dax Carlisle is on Hiatus, while we prepare *New exciting things for you!

Susanne, Ruth and I will be returning in April!

As you know, our Thursday ARR show focuses on Tarot, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Angel Numbers, and more! We will be returning with an expanded show, which will be called: Tarot Insider!

In addition, we will have a *New Website – – to go along with the new show! Not your ordinary static website, this will be a social-networking platform, an online community, with amazing features, such Friending (like on Facebook), new feeds, instant messenger, forums, groups, audio/visual chat, media: pictures, videos, local meetups, free workshops, an MUCH more!


…For those of you with an interest in Tarot, and also Numerology & related topics, this will be just the place for you to hangout, learn about and Talk Tarot! Be on the look-out for our social media posts on our progress! @TarotInsider (Twitter) and the Guild Facebook Group (Facebook)…

Be sure to Follow our Twitter, and Join the Facebook Group (4700+ Members and growing!) ….In addition, we are looking for Your Ideas & Suggestions, for the new radio show & website!

Click on the BIG Green Button, at the top of the Tarot Guild Group, or visit the image post here: Tarot Insider Coming Soon …..Please “Like” & “Share” this, if you support the new show & website, and also “comment” there, and let us know what You want to hear, from a new radio show on Tarot, and what You would like to see, on a new social-networking website for Tarot!



Dax is the CEO & Founder of LifeScape Radio ....broadcasting 7 Shows, Monday thru Friday, on the internet, LifeScape is a Featured Network on Our goal is to both entertain and inform our listeners – to empower them to create lasting change and abundance in all areas of their Life… Dax is also a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Life Coach, Numerologist and Tarot Master. He is the Co-Founder & President of The Tarot Guild, the international organization for Tarot Professionals.

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