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Clear VisionsI was fortunate enough to get a Review Copy of Gary Karp’s book, Clear Visions, in preparation for his appearance on our LifeScape Radio show. I have to admit, although I have personally taught about The Law of Attraction for years, I have always been a bit wary of using Vision Boards. I found them to be a bit “hokey” …however, after reading Gary’s book, I have a new appreciation for them!

At a concise 50-page read, I expected this to just be a simple introduction to traditional Vision Boards, however I was surprised at the enormous amount of content and complete coverage of the subject, that Gary was able to squeeze between the covers of this book! I especially liked that Gary covers “modern” versions of Vision Boards (welcome to the 21st Century!), different “types” of them and detailed instructions…

If you have previously tried “using” The LOA to manifest what you want in your Life, and given up, this book reveals the “formula” for manifestation and will get you back on track! Gary’s approach is not a one-size-fits-all as well! Many LOA authors touch on Vision Boards, but this is the first comprehensive, detailed work I have seen on the subject!

….You won’t be disappointed!


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