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Prophecy of the Raven Tarot short review

The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot Positives: The deck has fresh takes and new imagery. The imagery maintains a consistency throughout each suit, as well as across suits. The artwork is very well done, as well as creative. The accompanying book is

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Royal Mail! …A King’s Journey Tarot (bordered addition)

I just received my review copy of A King’s Journey Tarot (bordered addition) from James Battersby! WOW! It’s not everyday I get “Royal Mail” from Ireland! Many THANKS James! He included a card meaning pamphlet, book mark, key chain, a

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Catching Up with Janet Boyer!

‪The Coffee Tarot‬? The Naked Tarot? Yup! …and we’re discussing them on the Dax Has Your Number! radio show, Tuesday – July 29th, on ‪LifeScape Radio‬! …Our Special Guest is Janet Boyer! Join us as Host Susanne Warnett and Dr

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