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Royal Mail! …A King’s Journey Tarot (bordered addition)

I just received my review copy of A King’s Journey Tarot (bordered addition) from James Battersby! WOW! It’s not everyday I get “Royal Mail” from Ireland! Many THANKS James! He included a card meaning pamphlet, book mark, key chain, a

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Your One-Stop Shop for Everything Vision Boards!

I was fortunate enough to get a Review Copy of Gary Karp’s book, Clear Visions, in preparation for his appearance on our LifeScape Radio show. I have to admit, although I have personally taught about The Law of Attraction for

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“Angel” Word Numerology!

You may recall we had an excellent episode of Angels Monday (now Angelic Realms Radio) on November 3rd, 2014, about Angel Numbers and Angel Names Numerology…. We uncovered some amazing information, including that all Angel Names include one or more

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Valentine’s Couples Numerology!

For Valentine’s I am offer TWO Full Numerology Reports, along with a Compatibility Analysis for Just $27! …that’s $30 OFF! my normal rate of $67 ( as found on! This is a Fun and Unusual Gift for Valentine’s Day!

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2015 Readings Special…

Our Hosts are Offering Half-Priced Readings, to get You Ready for 2015! Maria Maas – from Angels Monday! – Angel & Psychic-Tarot Readings Janice Fuchs – from Angels Monday! – Angel & Life Purpose Readings Lillian Suarez – from AfterLife Connections! – Medium Readings Oceana Power – from Energetically Speaking! – Tarot

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DeCode Your Destiny! 2015 Custom Numerology Reports…

Your Name and Birth Date are NO Accident! Uncover important details about your Life, your strengths & weaknesses, tendencies and potentials …with a Full Numerology Report from Numerologist Dr Dax Carlisle. Discover Your Personal Year Number, for 2015, and what

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How to Be Happy and Joyful! ….Mouska, Live from Budapest

Kosmic Koffee with Kooch!  –  How to be Happy and Joyful! –  Kooch chats with Mouksa, “The Psychedelic Cowboy”, over a kup of koffee, LIVE from Budapest, Hungary! Listen ANYTIME here: Grab a Discounted Private Reading from our Hosts at: …Only $1 per minute! (That’s Half Price!) Our Holiday

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Premier Episode! “Psychically Speaking!”

The Psychically Speaking Show!  – PREMIER EPISODE!  –  Psychic Medium Rose Fulhorst, Tarot Practitioner Susanne Warnett and Numerologist Dax Carlisle introduce you to their Brand NEW Show!  The show will feature discussions of Psychic Abilities. The Hosts will also take a Look at Current Events, through a Psychic Eye …and, they will

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Life Coach & Healer Jennifer Jiva! Core Wounds & Twin Flames

The AfterLife Connections Show!  –  Life Coach & Healer Jennifer Jiva! Core Wounds & Twin Flames –  Following Angels Monday – at 2pm Pacific/ 5pm Eastern, Join Host Lillian Suarez, as she discusses Twin Flames & Core Wounds with Life Coach & Healer Jennifer Jiva!  …PLUS,

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An Angelic New Year – Welcome 2015!

The Angels Monday Show! – An Angelic New Year – Welcome 2015!  –  Hosts Maria Maas, Dr Dax Carlisle, and Janice Fuchs, discuss the New Year and help your Usher in 2015! ….and take your Calls for Angel Messages!  Listen ANYTIME here: Grab

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