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You may recall we had an excellent episode of Angels Monday (now Angelic Realms Radio) on November 3rd, 2014, about Angel Numbers and Angel Names Numerology….

We uncovered some amazing information, including that all Angel Names include one or more of the Communication and Creativity Number, in Numerology: 3, 6 & 9……

….One thing I don’t think we mentioned is that even the word Angel holds to this Rule!

ARRbannerThe whole word reduces to: 3 ….communication & creativity! …with the vowels (Soul urge) and consonants (Personality) both coming out to a 6balance and harmony, The Nurturer, Love….

If you missed the episode, you can Listen HERE, anytime: Angel Numbers and Angel Name Numerology

AND, the word Angels (with an s – plural) reduces to Master Builder Number 22! …with the vowels/Soul Urge coming out to a 6 (there’s those communication & creativity numbers) and the consonants/Personality coming out to a 7 – the highest Spiritual Number in Numerology….

I think we need another episode on Angel Numbers and Angel Names Numerology!



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